High Tatras, Slovakia
Sunny winter Sunday in mountains.
February, 2018
Photography, Film, Digital Photography
Cloud Inversion / ġumbier, Low Tatras, Slovakia
Cloud inversion in Slovak mountains in winter during sunset
January, 2018
Digital Photography, Film, Photography
Got Blue Balls - Empty (Music Video)
Music video directed by Anakin Fox for Got Blue Balls - Empty .
December, 2017
Film, Music, Visual Effects
Don't fog with the Eclipse
Solar Eclipse observation through fog in Oregon. We went for a trip to Oregon to see this spectacular magic show. We were surrounded by fog but that only multiplied its mysterious feeling. Amazing and unforgettable.
October, 2017
Digital Photography, Photography, Photojournalism
Country Road
Every road ends where you want it to end
September, 2017
Digital Art, Digital Photography, Fine Arts
Take Me Home
Pedal to the metal and let's go home...
September, 2017
Digital Photography, Digital Art, Visual Effects
Dry And Wrecked
Wasteland with live music
September, 2017
Digital Art, Digital Photography, Visual Effects
Arctic Curves
Experiencing polar winter
September, 2017
Cinematography, Digital Photography, Photography
Sky To Ground
Aerial shots of colorful remote nature landscapes
September, 2017
Cinematography, Photography, Digital Photography
Blue and frozen
Frozen fog covered peaks of Canadian mountains
August, 2017
Photography, Digital Photography, Film
Panorama Ridge
Colorful beauty of Garibaldi Lake and mountains surrounding it with even more colorful sunset.
July, 2017
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Pacific Rim
Surfing, hiking and enjoying spectacular beauty of Canadian west coast - Pacific Rim.
July, 2017
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Gambier Island
Paddling in Howe Sound with still snowy mountains above us.
June, 2017
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In The Middle Of Nowhere
Our scandinavian adventure to watch Aurora Borealis.
March, 2016
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The Roof Of The World
Himalayan discovery of how small we really are.
April, 2011
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My Travels
Never stop exploring.
July, 2017
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